A few travel tips

I know that many of you are experienced travellers, but if you haven’t travelled recently, here is some information that may be of interest.

Air Canada now allows just one carry-on bag, plus one “personal item” (purse, briefcase, etc.). These items must fit their requirements for weight and dimensions. And here are the regulations for checked bags.

For any of you who would like to “travel light” and avoid the hassle of checked bags, I’d encourage you to do so! Of course, 17 days may seem a long time to go with just one small suitcase, particularly since you may want some “dressier” clothes for our special evenings out. But it can be done! I almost always discover on returning home that there was something I took and didn’t wear: something to leave home the next time.

I have also discovered though, that those “carry-on bags” cannot be stuffed to their limits, or they no longer fit into the overhead luggage bins. And of course, one needs to leave some room for souvenirs…

On arrival at Charles de Gualle airport in Paris, we will have about a 15-20 minute walk through the concourse to where we will catch the train. It’s all inside, and we will have lots of time to make our connection. For those who may find the walk tiring, we’re looking into the possibility of hiring a “people-mover” or baggage handler.

Once in the train station, there is time for a late breakfast or mid-morning snack. And once on the train, we can all relax (and catch up on sleep) for our two-hour high-speed journey to Lyon through the green French countryside.

Saone river north of Lyon

SaƓne River valley north of Lyon.


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