Our private concert in Lyon

Marcia Hadjimarkos

Marcia Hadjimarkos

The first of the four concerts included on our tour will be on Wednesday afternoon, September 24, the day after we arrive in Lyon. I’m pleased to tell you that we have arranged a private recital by the fine European-American musician Marcia Hadjimarkos.

I first met Marcia last fall, and very much enjoyed her concert of French music, performed on a historic fortepiano built in Frankfurt in 1789. If you know your French history (I’m sure you do!) you’ll recognize the significance of that year – the beginning of the French Revolution. We’ll be hearing music contemporary to the instrument, from the Rococo through the early Classical eras.

salle capitulaireMarcia enjoys performing in “unusual” spaces. For this event, we’ll be hearing her in the beautiful Salle capitulaire of the Eglise Saint-Bruno des Chartreux in Lyon. Marica is an engaging speaker as well as performer, and will talk to us about the music she plays, and the very special instrument on which she is performing.

I’ll introduce you to some of the repertoire we’ll be hearing, during our introductory lectures.

Also on this day: lunch at the fine Lyon bistro Café Epicerie. Dinner is up to you…so many wonderful restaurants to choose from in Lyon!

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