Sunday afternoon at the Opéra

4030ParigiOperaBastilleThis remarkable building, the “new” Paris Opéra (or Opéra Bastille) was inaugurated on the bicentenary of the French Revolution: July 14, 1989. On Sunday, October 5, we will attend an afternoon performance of one of Giuseppe Verdi’s best-loved operas: La Traviata.

Based on the 1848 play The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas fils (which was inspired in its turn by the life of the mistress of Franz Liszt), Traviata is the story of a courtesan who – contrary to the rules of her profession – falls in love with a young nobleman, Alfredo. But she decides to end the affair in order not to stain his family’s honour. Alfredo does not know why she has cast him off; he thinks she has fallen in love with someone else, and he scorns and humiliates her. He only learns the truth of Violetta’s sacrifice and selflessness as she dies in his arms.

The role of Violetta is one of the most demanding in the soprano repertoire. Listen to this short summary, with excerpts from a performance by the incomparable Maria Callas. In our performance, Violetta will be sung by the acclaimed Albanian soprano Ermonela Jaho, whose interpretation of this difficult role has been described in France as ‘a revelation.’


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  1. Carol McLeod says:

    This trip is beyond what I expected. I have signed up for this trip 3 times but everything I am reading on your blogs is literally awesome in the true sense of the word! I am already loving it with all the information you are providing. Thank You, Carol McLeod

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